O Boucherie deveria ser aquele tipo de gajo que se apanhasse um 25 de Abril pela manhã a reação seria “Só faltava esta, desviem lá os tanques que eu quero trabalhar”.

“A extrema-esquerda não nos deixava ter aulas e eu queria ter aulas, queria aprender”

A terminar de ver o último episódio d' “A Conspiração”, que documento histórico do caraças!!

I have a really long backlog of unprocessed photos, but sometimes I actually do process them but end up not doing anything with them. Not sharing, not posting online, nothing. Until a day like today, where I decide to pick those random, disconnected shots and decide to make a post with them. To not make this even more random, these are just shots taken in Lisbon, in the last year… or maybe more…

Ordered some small random stuff from Amazon, “needed” to add something to fill the package

"Where the world is melting" and "Dislocations" photo books

Commute mobile snaps

People walking in subway station tunnel People in subway train

How often you miss your exit station because you were taking a photo? Just happened to me, again…

Kickstarting June in Lisbon

Summer is upon us.

Subway stairway

A good friday is when something planned to arrive late next week knocks on your door!

I love receiving packages earlier than expected, but when they say the expected delivery date is a week from now I’m not expecting to receive a text message saying it will be delivered today. At some point throughout the day…

Com o novo aeroporto de Lisboa muita gente veio defender Beja, que com TGV estará a apenas a 1h, etc. Nada contra, mas parece que partem de uma premissa pouco provável: ter TGV com a regularidade de suburbanos. Porque com 3, 4 ou mesmo 5 comboios por dia não se serve um aeroporto.

Leclerc’s win was the second race this season I missed that I’d love to have watched, the other was Lando’s win. Maybe I should put behind last year’s boring season 🏎️

Just a sunny Sunday. Snaps from earlier today on the South Bank.

Ride back home…

Women watching video on bus Woman standing on subway

I really hope Google doesn’t axe Snapseed, still is my favorite editing app on mobile, and I don’t think merging this into Photos would be nice for photographers.

“Snapseed gets an update after years, but it’s not what you’re hoping for”

“Why are we obsessed in getting the camera as small as possible, but that can’t do anything?” Jokes aside, this camera seems such a weird compromise: small FF body, but no EVF, no mechanical shutter and needs an f8 pancake lens to remain compact…

“Panasonic S9: An Insult to Mankind”

More and more I hate flying! Not that I’m afraid of flying, actually the time in the airplane is the eye of the storm of this thing called “air travel after the pandemic” (not that before was great), which starts the time you try to book the flights. Yes, prices are sky high; yes, now every kind of luggage is paid separately; yes, the price of that is also sky high… But every time you trick to book something you seem to find a new trick up their sleeve, the most recent for me is some companies somehow finding a way to charge more for cabin luggage than checked luggage. Yup, you read it right, more expensive to bring the luggage with you in the cabin…

Just realized the web version of Instagram Threads now does columns. I like that a lot, mostly because I tend to follow photographers there. If we can’t have a wide layout, to see photos in all its glory, at least have multiple column to see more of those.

Mais um exemplo que o turismo na realidade não quer saber dos lugares, o ideal seria mesmo ficarem totalmente esvaziados, para assim ficar livre para se criar a experiência genuína e autêntica que quer vender. E se quem trabalha lá pudesse fazer em subterrâneos, como os trabalhadores da Disney, melhor ainda…

“No Porto e em Lisboa, há lojas a fingir que são antigas só para inglês ver”