Com o novo aeroporto de Lisboa muita gente veio defender Beja, que com TGV estará a apenas a 1h, etc. Nada contra, mas parece que partem de uma premissa pouco provável: ter TGV com a regularidade de suburbanos. Porque com 3, 4 ou mesmo 5 comboios por dia não se serve um aeroporto.

Leclerc’s win was the second race this season I missed that I’d love to have watched, the other was Lando’s win. Maybe I should put behind last year’s boring season 🏎️

Just a sunny Sunday. Snaps from earlier today on the South Bank.

Ride back home…

Women watching video on bus Woman standing on subway

I really hope Google doesn’t axe Snapseed, still is my favorite editing app on mobile, and I don’t think merging this into Photos would be nice for photographers.

“Snapseed gets an update after years, but it’s not what you’re hoping for”

“Why are we obsessed in getting the camera as small as possible, but that can’t do anything?” Jokes aside, this camera seems such a weird compromise: small FF body, but no EVF, no mechanical shutter and needs an f8 pancake lens to remain compact…

“Panasonic S9: An Insult to Mankind”

More and more I hate flying! Not that I’m afraid of flying, actually the time in the airplane is the eye of the storm of this thing called “air travel after the pandemic” (not that before was great), which starts the time you try to book the flights. Yes, prices are sky high; yes, now every kind of luggage is paid separately; yes, the price of that is also sky high… But every time you trick to book something you seem to find a new trick up their sleeve, the most recent for me is some companies somehow finding a way to charge more for cabin luggage than checked luggage. Yup, you read it right, more expensive to bring the luggage with you in the cabin…

Just realized the web version of Instagram Threads now does columns. I like that a lot, mostly because I tend to follow photographers there. If we can’t have a wide layout, to see photos in all its glory, at least have multiple column to see more of those.

Mais um exemplo que o turismo na realidade não quer saber dos lugares, o ideal seria mesmo ficarem totalmente esvaziados, para assim ficar livre para se criar a experiência genuína e autêntica que quer vender. E se quem trabalha lá pudesse fazer em subterrâneos, como os trabalhadores da Disney, melhor ainda…

“No Porto e em Lisboa, há lojas a fingir que são antigas só para inglês ver”

Just read the title, the joke writes itself. People are running out of ideas when designing concept cars? At some meeting someone thought “let’s build an supercar with a harp on it”…

“Mercedes-Benz supercar concept is the first automobile to have a music instrument built into its ext”

Todas as vezes que vejo imagens do Abascal e o Ventura juntos, um está completamente star-struck e o outro com o ar “se o mundo fosse justo vocês tinham tido o mesmo destino da Catalunha”. Todas as vezes…

I don’t like to discuss gear, because usually that’s all about numbers and pixel peeping, but I do like to discuss gear choices, because that often that tells a lot about one thing I really enjoy: that photographer’s view, either on the subject or the context. It’s funny how my “hiking trip” gear evolved in a similar way as Andy’s, and for the same reasons. In its current iteration, that I took last year to Annapurna, it’s too built around the XF-16-80mm (my favorite nature lens for some time) and the XF70-300mm because of it’s a good compromise of size, weight and performance; along with the X-T5 makes a perfect combo. The thing I still avoid bringing along is the tripod!

“My Gear Essentials - 2024 Edition”

Still in the aftermath of Gustavo Minas workshop last weekend, one thing I really enjoy watching the outcome of when several photographers share the same limited space. It was already Sunday’s late afternoon and we were gathering for a beer before, everything was over, literally just chilling out before heading home. But all of us, as the light went down, eventually started taking some shots while chatting with the beer in the hand. Including me.

And throughout the week, as people started sharing these late shots with everyone else, it felt nice to check all those different views of several photographers, at the same spot, at the same time.

Cada vez que se fala do aeroporto vamos sempre desenterrar isto, não é?

“Alcochete Jamé”

This is a new one when purchasing something online: it’s just big blank screen with this message… Nothing else…

"Unexpected payment method value. Exiting."

Not all F1 legends lap everyone else and win four championships in a row. Some do earn that title the hard way, running in the back of the pack.

“RACING’S SUPER SUB! The Story of Roberto Moreno”

“a deslocação das pistas cerca de 1,6 quilómetros para sul ou a sua reorientação para que os voos de aproximação não passem por cima daquela localidade”

Há dúvidas ambientais, de migrações de aves de aquíferos, nada pode parar o progresso! Mas passar por cima dos senhores ricalhaços que querem ir andar de cavalo para a quinta, se calhar temos de pensar melhor.

Novo aeroporto: Benavente pede pistas mais a sul e melhores acessos | Benavente | PÚBLICO

About this last weekend, there’s only one thing to talk about: workshop with the talented Gustavo Minas. Literally two very full days, of learning, sharing, taking photos and, of course, with some beers in between.

Now it’s time to take a deep breath and let the dust settle.

For you Fujifilm users out there: how many times have you opened Twitter on your mobile phone, when what you really wanted was to pull a photo from your camera?… And vice versa…

Screenshot of the icons of X and XApp